All You Need To Know About Doll Repair

All You Need To Know About Doll Repair

Playing with dolls can be a wonderful creative outlet for your child, as well as an opportunity to practice and harness some valuable social and practical skills. It also offers a chance for adults and children to play freely together, creating, building and developing worlds, and delving deep into the imagination to explore new possibilities.

Like everything, however, there comes a time when a much-loved doll starts to break down or deteriorate. Daily use and a lot of love can result in wear and tear and no matter how careful your child, accidents are almost inevitable.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to obtain a full replacement of a beloved friend. Instead, there are steps you can take to help your doll to recover, and have them back to good as new in no time! Welcome to the world of the doll hospital.

What To Do If Your Doll Breaks?

Baby Doll Broken

The first thing to do if your doll encounters an over-enthusiastic child, a too-friendly puppy or any other mishap is to remove them from danger immediately to prevent further damage.

Make sure you collect up any pieces which may have come loose; not only can they be beneficial in the repair, it is important not to leave any potential choking hazards lying about. Once this is taken care of, it is time for a visit to the doll hospital.

Doll Hospitals

A doll hospital does precisely what it says on the tin; it is a place where broken, damaged dolls are lovingly restored and given a new lease of life. Services can include reattaching limbs, stitching up battle scars, restoring eyes or altering details such as outfits.

A doll hospital is an ideal solution if you are reluctant to replace a much-loved friend, and need a fix which will help your doll feel renewed and rejuvenated.

Brands That Offer Doll Hospitals

There is a range of doll hospitals to choose from, but perhaps the most famous is the American Girl doll hospital. This provides a variety of services, including:

  • Body replacement including torso and limbs
  • Head replacement with the same features as your original doll
  • Eye replacement with same eye color as original doll
  • Head and limb reattachment
  • Total replacement

All of these procedures will occur alongside hair brushing and skin cleaning, as well as some added benefits such as:

  • A get well card
  • A doll hospital gown
  • Certificate of good health
  • Hospital ID bracelet

Sometimes your dolls need freshening up, but a total overhaul and repair are not required. In this case, the American Doll hospital can offer a range of other services, such as:

Wellness Visit

This option is a refreshment visit, and helps to renew the appearance of your doll's skin, and can help to remove surface dirt and spruce up your dolls hair. It is important to remember that this will be unable to remove ink stains or dye stains.

Ear piercing

Give your doll a new lease of life by piercing her ears, and choose from a variety of earrings to change up her look.

Hearing Aid

We all want to our dolls to resemble us, and now you can add a hearing aid to your doll at the doll hospital.


Holding Dollars In Hand

One of the biggest questions is often "how much does the American girl doll hospital cost?" While it can seem an expensive choice, in fact American Girl doll hospital prices are often a more reasonable option than replacing the whole model.

Of course, sentimental value is a good reason to pick the hospital too, as it allows you to preserve your precious doll for as long as possible. Here are some examples of the main costs you may face:

  • New head - $44
  • New body (including torso and limbs) - $44
  • New body - either torso or limbs - $34
  • Eye replacement - $29
  • Reattaching the head or limbs - $32 each
  • Wellness visit - $28
  • Ear piercing - $16
  • Hearing aid - $14

These prices may change depending on the model of the doll, whether you are in Canada or the USA, and how fast you would like the service to be.

Easy Repairs You Can Perform Yourself

While a doll hospital is an ideal solution for many issues, there are some repairs which are simple enough that you can fix them at home with a little research and practice. As with anything, prevention is better than cure; taking good care of your doll will help it to last longer, and be passed down from generation to generation.

It is essential to clean your doll regularly using a gentle method. Use damp cloth; it is a good idea not to submerge your doll in water as this can lead to rust or discoloration. Make sure that the eyes are protected too.

You should also be careful with hair; it is a good idea to gently spray it with water prior to styling, as this makes the hair easier to work with and can help to prevent damage. Avoid the use of tools such as blow dryers, curlers or straighteners, and make sure you avoid harsh creams, gels or mousses. All of these can cause significant damage to the doll and their hair.

Warranties On Dolls

One Year Warranty

It is also worth checking whether your doll comes with a warranty. Most will offer a year-long manufacturers warranty which will cover damage and breakages. Some will also give you the chance to extend this, and add on extras such as loss or theft.

The initial outlay of a warranty can be a cheaper alternative to a repair or replacement if an accident occurs during the lifetime of the doll.


Repairing your doll can offer a sentimental and cheaper alternative to a full repair or replacement. The option of a doll hospital means that it is now easier than ever to replace faulty or damaged aspects, and refresh your doll to their full glory. This allows you to hand your doll down to the next generation, increasing their lifespan for years to come.

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