How Dolls Can Help You Keep Your Kids In Shape

How Dolls Can Help You Keep Your Kids In Shape

With every decade, children have new technology that can help them learn and have fun, but it can also lead to some unintended consequences. Now, more than ever, children are glued to their screens, and getting them off of their games and apps can often seem like an insurmountable challenge.

However, instead of completely depriving them of access to the digital world, it helps to introduce a healthy balance of normal play into their lives. In the past, children played with toys, and there are plenty of toys that are still fun for them to play with, and some are even educational.

Over the course of this article, we’re going to take a look at how dolls can help keep your kids in shape and away from the screens. Playing with dolls may not be as popular as it once was, but it still has many benefits that your kids may not be getting from their digital devices.

To properly discuss how dolls can help, we’ll go over a few different topics, including how the modern age has had some unforeseen consequences on our physical health. We’ll also cover how playing with dolls inspires kids to get outside and expand their imagination, and finally, we’ll take an objective look at the benefits and drawbacks of playing with dolls.

The Consequences of the Digital Age

Kids might be getting Fat

To understand why it’s so important to get our children out and about in this day and age, we have to look at what technology has done to our bodies. When you look at the statistics, child obesity has gradually been increasing over the past two decades, and the prevalence of tablets and other smart devices has contributed.

Of course, there are other factors, like the type of food that children have been eating, but the simple act of playing outside is dying. People have also grown more wary in recent years, and with good reason, but with adequate supervision, a child playing outside is in no more danger today than they were twenty years ago.

All of this contributes to children living less healthy lifestyles and having a lower quality of life. Children not getting out and interacting with others can also add to social anxiety later in life, since they haven't socialized very much until they are in a position where they have to.

Social skills are essential in the modern world, and a lack of them can be just as dangerous as an unhealthy body. However, there is also the challenge of convincing kids that it is fun to go outside, and it gets harder the more attached they have become to the digital world.

All of this comes together to create an unhealthy environment for children to grow up in, and we can see it in health and behavioral patterns, especially in first-world countries.  The first step is getting the kids to do something they enjoy that doesn’t involve screens.

Playing With Dolls: Promoting Exercise and Expanding Imagination

Dolls boys

While any kind of toy can help get your kid off of their digital devices, dolls are more likely to get them outside. There is a common misconception that it’s normal to see girls playing with dolls, but not boys, and this is entirely untrue. Just ask every boy who has ever had an action figure of his favorite superhero.

The best thing about dolls is that children can use them to perform actions like flying around or driving between dollhouses, all of which takes energy. Since your child will be moving around so much when they play with their dolls, they’ll be getting a workout without even knowing it.

Other than getting exercise, children will also learn to use their imagination, making them more creative. Digital games will usually give your children all of the tools that they need without them having to use their imagination, and this has the downside of diminishing their creativity.

When your child has to imagine a world for their dolls, they can start to develop their creativity, fostering artistic skills and more. A child looking at a doll doesn’t see a simple toy; they see a blank canvas that they can have fun with, and it’s a shame for children not to have these experiences.

The Good and the Bad Parts of Playing with Dolls

Body Image Dolls

There are plenty of advantages to playing with dolls, and there are a few pitfalls that can be avoided with a bit of help from the parents. As we mentioned earlier, one of the best things about dolls is that they inspire your children to get out of the house, as boys playing with dolls (and girls) may bring them to the park instead of a tablet.

When playing with dolls, child development moves to the forefront instead of the instant gratification that they are provided by the digital world. Taking a step back and enjoying real life lets your kids get a better perspective about what fun means, and they’ll be more likely to remain active for the rest of their lives.

Keep in mind that what you do as a child influences you as an adult, and a kid that has grown up active will be more likely to lead a healthy life.

Unfortunately, there are also some downsides to playing with dolls, especially if children go about it the wrong way. Certain brands contribute to children feeling that they should have an unhealthy body image, and it helps to purchase dolls that represent a realistic range of people.

It helps to purchase a multicultural lineup of dolls that can teach your children about different people, instead of a homogeneous set that will make them think that everyone should be the same. A lot of brands are putting effort into their dolls being more representative, and that's a great step forward.


As you can see, dolls are an excellent way to teach your children and to let them have fun in a more sociable and healthy manner. Thank you for taking the time to read our post, and let us know what you think down in the comments.

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