Weardoll 18-Inch Doll Clothes – for Girl Doll


  • 💛【VERSATILE COLLECTION】– Choose from 5 great sets: Winter Outfit, Ballerina, Sports and Summer Dress. Each theme comes with unique ensembles and baby doll accessories your little lady will love.
  • 💛【FOR FUN MIX & MATCH GAMES】– With one-of-a-kind designs, girls will experience endless excitement! Collect all 35 pieces – from tapered pants to leotards, and sports jerseys to sun dresses
  • 💛【STYLISH & LONG LASTING 】– Each themed package comes with a bunch of trinkets to match our colorful and cute girls clothes. All outfits are handmade to ensure exceptional and durable quality.
  • 💛【GREAT GIFT IDEA 】– Here’s a present for any 3-year-old girl and up. Every collection includes 5 outfits individually packaged with coordinating accessories, plus a FREE sleeping bag.
  • 💛【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】– We offer a no-hassle, risk-free money back assurance! If you’re not completely happy with your purchase, we will send you a full refund, no questions asked!


Has your little girl been dressing her doll the same way over and over?

Girls love to mix and match, especially with their dolls. It inspires them and unleashes their creativity. And it’s every parent’s joy to watch their little princess’ eyes light up with excitement whenever this happens.

Dolls can never have too many clothes. After all, they’re the reflection of their owner. But if your daughter’s doll has been wearing the same thing, then a wardrobe update is just what it needs.

With Weardoll Girl Doll, your young lady gets a new and vast collection to enjoy!

There are 5 themes to choose from, each with cute accessories and varieties of tops and bottoms. All in all, the clothing set has a total of 35 items. These include tutus, belts, caps and vests – so many items to create plenty of get-ups!

Ideal for children aged 3 years and up, our cool clothes collection is definitely one that your baby will be enthusiastic about. Quality stitching ensures that our doll outfits do not easily wear and tear. Each set is individually packed so you can also give them as a gift. Clothes are safely tested and can be machine washed.

Here’s what you get in every set:

✅ Winter Outfit Set: sweater, tapered pants, fur vest, belt, hairband, necklace, handbag and glasses
✅ Bath Outfit Set: hooded bathrobe, shower cap, hairband, strawberry, toy bear, wristband, toothbrush and toothpaste
✅ Ballerina Outfit Set: leotard, tutu, hair clip, necklace, trophy and strawberry cake
✅ Sports Outfit Set: soccer jersey, sports shorts, cap, soccer ball, medal and ice cream treats
✅ Summer Dress Set: 2-way sundress, star necklace, wristband, flower hair clip, sunglasses and lipstick


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