The Benefits Of Teaching Kids With Dolls

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Childhood is a magical time when we are absorbing everything about how the world works, and the lessons that we learn when we’re young usually stay with us for the rest of our lives. This is why it’s so important to make sure that your kids learn things the right way, and there are a lot of ways that they can.

Whether you want to give your children a bit of a head start before they start school or if they have already begun, there are plenty of ways that parents can inspire their children to learn. Having plenty of books around the house has proven to result in more intelligent children, and other things will influence them too.

Educational toys are another great way to teach children, and they don’t all have to be directly focused on teaching. Some toys can help your children learn while they still have fun with them, and the most common one that comes to mind is the doll or the action figure.

When children play with dolls, they create a whole world using their imagination, and this has plenty of educational benefits. There are so many things that children can learn about while they play with dolls, and today, we’re going to discuss why that’s the case. We’ll also take a detailed look at the benefits of kids playing with dolls.

How Dolls can be Used to Teach Important Lessons

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Your children can learn about a lot with dolls, and a lot of the lessons that they're taught are things that they can't learn in the classroom. Things like empathy, socials skills, and more can be shown to your children using their toys, and these are a lot of things that are often overlooked by the school system.

Teaching a child how to do math can prepare them for the world, but teaching them how to feel can get them ready for life. It’s important for children to have a healthy balance of formal learning and learning about what it means to be human, and educational dolls for toddlers can teach them a lot about it.


One of the main things that children can learn about when using dolls is responsibility. Much like with a pet, your child will need to learn how to take care of their dolls, and children will usually imbue them with a character beyond that of an inanimate object.

The lessons that children learn when using dolls can easily be translated into real life. For example, dolls can teach kids how they should care for their younger siblings. And if they fail in their responsibility to their dolls, that will teach them an even more important lesson that every child has to learn at some point.


Imagination Doll Play

Another one of the main things that educational dolls for children can teach your kids is how to expand their creativity. Children who learn using dolls will often have to apply their mind to create a world and a personality for their dolls, and this is a perfectly healthy part of growing up.

The more your child uses their imagination, the more creative they will be as an adult, as they will have developed it further when they had a chance. This can often lead to artistic skills and simple creative ideas that otherwise would have never emerged.


Dolls can teach your kids basic social dynamics too, which isn’t something that they typically learn in school. By making their dolls interact with each other, children can learn how people should interact and how they can be more polite in their interactions with other people.

When children see another kid playing with dolls, they’ll also be more likely to come over and play with them. This will give your kids a great opportunity to socialize with others directly and put the lessons that they have learned to use in a real-world situation. Out of all of the benefits of playing with dolls, social skills are some of the most crucial.


Empathy Doll Plays

One of the most important things that children can learn by playing with dolls is how to be empathetic with other people and creatures. Empathy is the source of a lot of good in the world and ensuring that a child has enough of it will help make them a more considerate person.

Children will develop feelings of empathy towards their dolls, and they can then understand what it means to be empathetic towards another person or animal. A child that grew up being empathetic and compassionate will likely end up being a person who is kind and caring.

Using Dolls as Teaching Tools

If you plan on using dolls as teaching tools, you can also use them to teach lessons that are a little less abstract than social norms. For example, you can use a doll to teach your child something as simple as speech, or they can be used to convey information about more complicated topics like geography.

In this part of our guide, we’re going to go over a few different subjects that you can teach your kids using dolls, and how you can go about it.


Learning Math with dolls

Teaching kids basic math with dolls isn’t too difficult, provided you have enough dolls to use. You can teach children something as simple as addition by putting one doll next to another and showing them how adding one to another makes them two, and subtraction is the same concept.

There are also doll sets that are centered around teaching children math, like classroom doll sets with working chalkboards that you can use to get your child excited about lessons. If your child doesn’t seem to want to learn math, it’s easy to form a link between it and their own interests using dolls.


It’s also easy to teach kids about geography with dolls, especially if you have a map or a globe. You can move the dolls around the world and tell your child about the various countries, making it fun and exciting to learn about cultures, including what they eat, how they speak, and more.

A lot of children are brought up knowing little about the world outside of their country, and some kids don't even know how different some states can be. We live in a vast, wonderful world, and our children are enriched by the knowledge that geography can teach them.


Language Learning with Dolls

Dolls can also provide an easy way to teach your kid about language, whether it's their own or the tongues of other cultures. In fact, you can even combine your language lessons with the ones about geography, allowing your children to learn about the world comprehensively.

If you know more than one language, this presents you with a great opportunity to pass that language on to your child. Be sure to get a varied selection of dolls that will make it easier to teach your kids about the cultures behind each language.

When toddlers are playing with dolls, you can use them to teach basic words and build up their skills in their native tongue. Simple word association becomes even easier when you have something like a dollhouse, which will feature a lot of different things that you can point to and then say the word.


One of the benefits of playing with dolls is that they can be used to teach your child nearly any subject. You can even lay out the groundwork so that your child understands the core concepts of science. There are a lot of scientist doll playsets that will also come with some helpful educational material.

Classroom doll sets can also help teach your child about science, much like math. You can also use this as a starting point to teach your child about how math and science are linked to each other. This will help turn science into something approachable so that your child won’t be intimidated by it.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Dolls as Teaching Tools

There are both benefits and disadvantages to using dolls to teach children, but we would argue that they will do far more good than harm, especially if you use them the right way. Let's take a look at how dolls can influence children when they're used to teach them valuable lessons.

The Good

The Good about learning with Dolls

The main advantage of using dolls to teach your children is that you can form a link between their interests and education. A lot of children think of learning as something that’s boring, and you can change that when you implement education into your child’s play routine.

A lot of schools are starting to use more creative methods to teach children by evoking their interests, and that shows that it can work. Unfortunately, formal education has a long way to go, and that's why it's so essential for you as a parent to take matters into your own hands.

You can’t expect school to teach your child everything that’s important about life, as a lot of that responsibility falls on your shoulders as a parent. It will be a lot easier to get through to your child when you’re using a teaching method like dolls, which they will respond to positively.

For example, stories with toys and dolls can become more captivating for your child, as they’ll have a frame of reference as you use the dolls to tell the tale. This will allow your child to be more imaginative, and it will make lessons breeze by with relatively few issues.

The Bad

Dolls in Hands

While there is nothing inherently bad about using dolls to teach children, it has to be done correctly. Improperly teaching your kids with dolls can sometimes reinforce poor lessons, so it's essential to plan out your teaching sessions in advance so that you can have a form of guidance.

It’s also important to get dolls for your children that won’t reinforce negative body images or stereotypes. Use dolls to show your children that it’s not normal for everyone to look like Barbie and that they should love their bodies no matter what they look like.

More detailed doll sets will make it easier to teach your children, but a lot of them are also more expensive than just a couple of regular dolls. Be sure to strike a healthy balance between your toy budget and the quality of the figures that you’re buying for your children, but remember that you’re also investing in their education.

In the field of child development, babies, dolls, and everything else tend to be subjective, and some children will find them easier to learn with, while others will find them more challenging. Keep in mind that some children are visual learners, while others are auditory learners, so there’s no guarantee that dolls are the perfect way for a child to learn until you try.

Famous TV Shows Using Dolls to Teach Children

Barbie Life in a Dream Houses

Many shows have used dolls to educate children, and one of the most famous ones is Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. Along with dolls, puppets are very commonly used in educational shows, and Sesame Street is perhaps the most famous of them all.

These two shows demonstrate that toys and dolls have already been teaching children things for a long time, and using your child’s own dolls is simply a more direct approach. Other than TV shows, there are plenty of educational materials on sites like YouTube that use dolls as characters.

If you’re creative, you can even film your own stop-motion video clips using your child’s dolls, which will make for a far more immersive experience, since your kid will “know” the characters.


Dolls, if used properly, can make it far easier for parents to teach their children crucial lessons over the course of their young lives. We hope that this guide has helped you out, and let us know what you think about it in the comments down below.

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